Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011. What a year!

Another New Years Eve and it's time to say goodbye to another year. And what a year it has been...

What a way to start a year. With a trip to Arizona for the BCS National Championship to watch Auburn and Cam Newton win it all with my favorite people in all the world.

The Next month was spent unseparated from my bestest friend Logan Smith. We spent our days watching every episode of Friends that we could possible fit in, finding every fun date that we could possible conjour up and loving every single second of it. We also celebrated our 4 year dating anniversary in February.

February was fantastic, until it came time to say goodbye to my Big brother Patrick to his mission in Ventura, California and only a week later, Logan who headed off to Winnepeg Canada on his LDS Mission. Luckily we made the promise to always stay together. 

The next few months were long and longer haha. But I had good friends and family always there. I barely made it through winter semester, and found out I was accepted into the BYU advertising program, plus I got a new puppy Dimitri. 

I also purchased myself an amazing new car in April! 

Summer came and I luckily passed my classes and had to say goodbye to my amazing friends in Mansion 12 

My summer was great. I spent every hour at Seven Peaks working. I made some awesome new friends and had lots of good times. Sometimes it wasn't the funnest, but I sure do miss it some days. 

I also celebrated my 19th birthday and had an awesome Summer Vacation at Cour d' Alene with my family.

After summer my semester started out rough with a double surgery on both of my feet. But I sucessfully moved into Crown 11 I met lots of new friends including amazing new roommates. During the semester I found out I will be headed to Disney World to work for my favorite mouse from April to May! I have survived fall semester and came out with some great new friendships that will last a pretty long time. Our adventures have only just begun... 

The year has ended with a fantastic Christmas with my family. I also got to talk with Logan and my brother for the first time in over 10 months. They are both doing great. 

Well, this may not have been the greatest year of my life. There were lots of tears, and lots of sad days, but I've made it through. and Despite all the sad times there were plenty of funny, crazy, silly, fantastic days full of laughter and I made many many new friends. Through it all, me and Logan have grown and our relationship is the most amazing thing I could imagine. We stay together with lots of letters and emails.  I can't wait to see what this next year holds and to be perfectly honest, I'm not too sad about leaving this one behind . I hope everyone has a fantastic new year! 

Happy New Years!!!

 Becca Soup 

Bring on 2012!!! 

Monday, 12 December 2011

The True Christmas Gift- Jesus Christ

Let us all remember the true gift of the Holiday season. The Savior of the World Jesus Christ.

Over the course of this last semester I have been studying the New Testament, specifically the four gospels. The New Testament to me is one of the most beautiful books. I love learning about Christ's ministry and all that he taught, and more importantly what he did. I made these Graphic portrayals of the Savior's life and teachings through my favorite New Testament Scriptures. I would hope that you feel the spirit of Christ, especially during this Christmas season, remember him and his love.

(click on an image to enlarge and view slideshow)