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Poetry and Songwriting

The Meeting of a Masterpiece

She is labeled Coral
He is Aquamarine
She was made in Sweden
He was made in Italy

They are placed in a tube
Then a box, then a crate,
Loaded onto a freight train
Where they soon meet their fate.

From opposite directions
Their trains arrive in France
Maybe by destiny
Or maybe by chance

In a paint shop in Paris
Their paths are now aligned
They know it not yet
To the other they are blind

She thinks only of Coral
He thinks Aquamarine
They know not of each other
Nor of scarlet or of green.

Steps in a humble artist
Rough hands and careful heart,
He looks at them and smiles
They’ve been chosen for his art

Taken to an old workshop
Gently placed in a crate
There they sit and ponder
Of this place they are to wait

Are their colors for his painting?
Are they worth the artist’s costs?
When he walks into the room
Their hope is no longer lost.

The tubes of paint are chosen
Then held in worn out hands
A new paintbrush glides to life
On a canvas free to dance

First he chooses Coral
To make his painting glow
She flourishes in beauty
Her features finally show

She feels it looks of value now
But the artist knows the best
He picks up aquamarine
And lets the paintbrush do the rest

An unlikely pair of pigments
When they meet for the first time
Yet when the colors blend together
Their beauty somehow shines

Time passes as the artist works
The colors feel at home
Clinging to each other
Never again to feel alone

The work of art is finished
No such love has ever been
From the artist to his artwork
And the colors that lie within

Yet the painting still grows
As it reaches into hearts
Inspiring the many
Each leaving to impart

Colors once in distant tubes
Now harmoniously embrace
A beauty unlike any other
Flowing magic into grace

Once created miles away
Now together as a scene
She is labeled Coral
He is Aquamarine

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