Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Disney's International Flower and Garden Festival

So here is my first post from DISNEY WORLD!! Yay!

If you don't know I'll be here all summer. It's been great. I'll write posts more about my experiences working here,  but for now, I have some great pictures to share. They are from the International Flower and Garden festival going on right now in Epcot. It is beautiful! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. :)

Here are some of the Topiaries presented at the festival. They were so beautiful.

So next is all the Fairies in the Fairy Garden. This was really fun because there is an activity to go with it. Each of the fairies has a plaque next to them that tells all about the flowers included in their garden. It also has a metal   plate that if you put a paper over and rub with a crayon, you get the fairy's signature. Once you get all the signatures, then you get free stickers and flower seeds. This was the best part of my day. It was so fun and beautiful

Iridessa- The Light Fairy

Vidia- The Fast-flying fairy

Rosetta- The Garden Fairy

Periwinkle- The winter Fairy

Fawn- The Animal Fairy

Silvermist- The water fairy

Terrence - The Tinker.