Saturday, 7 July 2012

Life as a Disney College Program Cast Member

It all started with a mouse. In this case it started with a dream. when I very first came to Disney World as a five year old little girl...

On April 25th I moved to Florida to start the Disney College program. I had no idea what I was in for.

Basically in the beginning, all you know is that you will be working at Disney World (you don't know which park or resort or anything) and that you'll be in a specific area of work (I was chosen for merchandise). So after months of being so excited I packed my bags for Florida and loaded on a plane. The main reason I decided to come out is because it's my dream to work for Disney in some way someday, and in order to get a professional internship you come to do the College program first. 

Here's where I first found out and signed up for the program if your interested.

The beginning of the program is probably the most emotional, confusing exciting part of your life. First you find your apartment and roommates at the Disney Housing. I was so lucky because I got to room with all girls from my church and school. Once your settled you are taken over to the Walt Disney Casting office and you learn your specific role. I was chosen for Merchandise on Main Street in Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is one of my absolute favorite places and I was more excited than you could imagine to be working right in the heart of it. I'm pretty sure I almost started crying when I first got my assignment. That was definitely the most exciting day of my program. 

The next couple weeks I took various classes about the Walt Disney World company and started my job site training. I can still remember my first day of training when my trainer took me down the middle of main street before the park had opened. I thought to myself, "I don't know when, I don't know how, but I know something's starting right now" :) 

I had dreamed about working at Disney World my entire life, and here I was right in the middle of the magic. 
During my training I learned my job and the one of thee most exciting things is trying on my costume for the very first time and receiving my very own Walt Disney World name tag. I loved my first time in my costume walking through the emporium and talking to kids and seeing them look at me like I am the most incredible person in the world. Nowhere else will you ever get to see that magic.

Now starting out at Disney isn't all super duper magical. There is some rough times too. First, you can get picked for a role you aren't super excited about. Some of my roommates were really let down when they found out they were working at a resort and not one of the Parks. Some didn't like the people they were working with. I got really lucky with my role and I am so grateful. However, even I had some rough patches. One thing about growing up dreaming of Disney World is that I always imagined everything to be perfect, the cast members were all magical and perfect, the park itself was never messy or ugly or anything. It was a little bit of a shock when I realized that the cast members at Magic Kingdom are real people and they don't actually live in fantasy land or main street. They have homes and families and problems just like everyone else. When they aren't happy all the time, and sometimes they really don't like coming to work. That was really hard for me to get used to, but after a while, you learn that the magic isn't in the cast or the park itself, but it's in the families and incredible people who come to visit the park. 

So the hours were long and I made lots of mistakes my first couple weeks. I got frustrated at times, and home sick and just plain miserable. But I stuck it out. So many people leave their first couple of weeks. Trust me it gets so much better. Now I absolutely love my job. I get to make magic everyday. I would have to say that my favorite part is talking to all the guests, especially the little kids. It's amazing to see their face light up when they tell you about their day and adventures at all the parks. Most of the time once they start talking, they don't want to stop because their so excited. I absolutely love it. I also love greeting at the door to my shop and watching everyone pass down main street. The joy on their faces when they first see the castle or when they watch the fireworks every night and the parades. You would think I would get sick of seeing the same parades every day, but I love it. 

Sure there is some down sides. I work until 5am sometimes. I get grumpy, tired and angry people. The work isn't always fun amazing tasks, but I've learned that attitude is everything here. If you say you hate work, then you will. But I've found that even on my worst days, if I try hard to love it, almost always something magical will happen to remind me why I work here. Not very many college program kids love their job, so I am glad of that.

So let me tell you right now. Most college program participants are not like me at all haha. People come here to party. They spend their nights off partying and who knows what. But I'm not one of those so I'll tell you what I do for fun. 

I have the most incredible roommates. We have all become best friends and its fantastic. On our days off we do lots of fun things.  Along with being a cast member we get free entrance to all the parks while we are here so we like to go to the parks and play whenever we can. I have a blast. The only down side is that we have to take a bus everywhere we go. Somedays I feel like I spend half my life on a bus, but we make it fun and now I'm getting used to it. I'll write another post soon about the best things to do while your here on vacation. Since we get very good benefits on a lot of the food and have access to all of Disney World all the time I'll share all the best things to do. For now  I think I've been writing too long anyways, so I'll show some pictures of all the fun we have! 

Well friends. Adventure is Out There!!! so I can't stick around and write all day, but if there is anything you want to know leave a comment and I'll write a sequel to this post, I'm sure I left out lots. 

TTFN Ta Ta For Now!

-Becca Soup

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Time for another missionary post :)

Another three months gone  by and it's time for another missionary post! (ok I've been a little busy, it's been four months haha sorry)

So Logan has been doing pretty good for the last few months.  He's been back in Regina, and working hard as always. He's had some investigators, and even a baptism. His companions have been good. He's with one of  the only missionaries older than him, so he'll be seniority status in his mission coming up here in the next few months. Other than that, it's the same as usual, knocking on doors, studying, meeting with people, being a crazy boy. He has had more success than last time I wrote, so that's good. He got a profile! If you want to read it go to this link:  
It also inspired me to do some missionary work of my own, since I meet so many people who don't know about our church. I made my own profile, you can see it here: It's been awesome cuz now I'm doing some missionary work and he gives me advice and can help me out. I am learning to appreciate everything he's doing so much more.

I did get to talk to him on Mothers day, that was amazing. The best part was that once we started talking we realized that nothing has changed between us at all.  We were just laughing and teasing the entire phone call and talking like he was home again, and everything was back to normal.   We are the same silly, crazy Becca and Logan best friends that has always been. I miss that more than anything, so that was so neat to know that we are still just as in love as ever and he hasn't turned into an alien lol. 

So the last three months the waiting has mostly been the same...long and lonely, but I've learned that I can't sit and dwell on it. We are both just working hard and keeping the time passing. Me and Log are just living our life to the fullest and making the most of everyday. We are put in these places for a reason, and as much as I miss Log, I know we have both grown a ton and I'm happy we have had this time to prepare us and strengthen us in our relationship and as people.

Being here in Florida helps me see how hard a mission must be. I'm really proud of Logan. I never realized how hard it was to go somewhere where you don't know anybody and being expected to talk to hundreds of strangers every day. I'm glad I am here and able to relate to his mission better. Since we're both on our own, we are even closer than ever because we depend on each other for strength when the times get tough. Mutual trust and dependency are so so important in a relationship. He has been my biggest strength in my life. I don't know what I'd do without him.

So Log is thinking of coming home in January so he can go back to school. This means around seven months left :) Each day we get closer and closer to being together again. I'm so excited to finally start to see the light in the tunnel. We are both getting excited for what the future holds for us, it seems like more and more of a reality. I think I've become lots more optimistic, I'm not worried if I'll wait for him or not anymore. I know we are supposed to be together and can't wait for him to come home so we can move forward to our future together.

Well I guess that's all I've got haha. Here are some pictures of the most handsome charming boy ever for you! He is pretty much prince charming disguised in a white shirt and name tag.

That's all for now! 7 more months.
-Becca Soup :)

Cute quote from a letter of Logan's: "I crave the day I get to hold you all the time. It will be the best day ever. Yup Yup. we are super special, I know it that we are meant to be together no matter what tries to get in our way we will always make it together cuz we are perfect. You are my one and only, my lover girl!! Have a good day for me ok? Good, well I've got to go so I better tuck you in for the night. Good night darlilng. Muah, that's a kiss on the forehead for you sweetheart. Sleep tight have good dreams." 

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Disney's International Flower and Garden Festival

So here is my first post from DISNEY WORLD!! Yay!

If you don't know I'll be here all summer. It's been great. I'll write posts more about my experiences working here,  but for now, I have some great pictures to share. They are from the International Flower and Garden festival going on right now in Epcot. It is beautiful! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. :)

Here are some of the Topiaries presented at the festival. They were so beautiful.

So next is all the Fairies in the Fairy Garden. This was really fun because there is an activity to go with it. Each of the fairies has a plaque next to them that tells all about the flowers included in their garden. It also has a metal   plate that if you put a paper over and rub with a crayon, you get the fairy's signature. Once you get all the signatures, then you get free stickers and flower seeds. This was the best part of my day. It was so fun and beautiful

Iridessa- The Light Fairy

Vidia- The Fast-flying fairy

Rosetta- The Garden Fairy

Periwinkle- The winter Fairy

Fawn- The Animal Fairy

Silvermist- The water fairy

Terrence - The Tinker.