So....What Is Becca Soup??

Becca Soup is ME!!! my last name is Campbell really lol, like the soup. This Blog is just a bunch of random stuff either from my life or from my little imagination or from crazy things I find on the internet!!

 I go to Brigham Young University.  My life motto is, "Follow your dreams, But don't get so stuck in the clouds that you forget to live and love today."
I sometimes wish that I lived back in the 1920's or the 1940's I dream about it all the time. How great would it be to have life be so simple and slower paced. If I were to go though I would take my bestest friend, Logan. He's on his mission right now to Winnepeg, Canada for two years!!! We're going to get married someday though. I have all the love in my heart for that boy!! He is gone for 2 whole years!! That is forever in Becca Land!!! He Left February 2011. I just get to write him letters for now like old fashioned times. I guess if he were to describe me he would tell you that I live in my own little fairy tale land. I would say that is sometimes true. I LOVE anything fairytales and magic and make believe. Sometimes I think I have a bigger imagination than little kids. I know it's not real, but it never hurt anyone to have a Giant imagination. Life is much more fun when it's seen through the eyes of a child. That is why I love everything Disney. Because they believe in kids and imagination and magic. Maybe I can work for them someday.

So more stuff about me. I am very glad to belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. (otherwise known as LDS or Mormons.) It is definitely the best thing in my life. It brings so much more happiness than I could imagine. Find out more about my religion at

Other than that I'm a pretty chill person I would say. I love art. I can't imagine spending my life any other way than creating new things. I write songs on guitar, I make graphic designs, I paint, I sketch, I interior design, I make cool house accessories and sometimes I pretend that I can sing and dance and I like to cook too.

So Yup...There you have your full serving of some Becca Soup!!!! !