Tuesday, 31 May 2011

What I've learned so far....

So it's been three months since Logan left on his mission. To many people that may be a surprise that it has been so long already. To me... it feels like it's already been a lifetime.

So during the past three months I've learned a great deal of things. I figure what is the point of going through a trial if I'm not going to take anything away from it. So here is my list of what I have learned from having Logan be gone on his mission, and me waiting for him. (oh and p.s. if you haven't noticed already, I really really like making lists hehe) 

1. Despite what everyone has told me, it doesn't go by fast...not one bit. It feels like years since I've seen him. 
2. When it all comes down to it, family is your best friend through everything.
3. Having a missionary isn't a contest. Although many girls seem to treat it that way. Its just like any other relationship, everyone is different, but it's still a relationship.
4.  Time doesn't make the missing go away. It just changes it. Who knew there were so many different ways to miss someone. And sometimes I feel like each one is harder than the last. (and yes three months down the road still sucks just as bad if not worse than the first month)
4.5 It's lots more fun to listen to missionary stories and makes a HUGE difference when I immerse myself and learn the names and all about the people he teaches and is helping. 
5. Logan didn't magically change into a different person when he went into the MTC. He is still the same old Logan I fell in love with. (and I'm very very grateful for that lol)
6. The mailman is possibly one of my favorite people alive. I am very dependent on his job nowadays. 
7. It is possible to still have fights over letters lol. I wouldn't recommend it though. It takes way to long to resolve problems. plus by the time you hear back you've completely forgotten why it ever came up. Email is a better medium if you feel like discussing problems. 
8. We all have times in our life where we are super lonely. I now know why people always tell you to go sit next to the person sitting all alone at the lunch table. One person does a lot for another's self esteem. 
9. A tiny memory chip with a voice recording is better than any jewelry, gift, or food :) . 
9.3/4 I've learned that so many days are taken for granted in our lives. Cherish the moments before they are only just a memory. 
10. You can put as many postage stamps on a letter as you like, but it will still take the exact same amount of time whether it is 2 stamps or 6 stamps. 
11. Watching sports just isn't the same without Logan there. 
11:11 It's SUPER important to always be completely honest. I hope to always maintain a strong trust between the two of us. I will never lie or keep secrets. It's not worth it. 
12. Memories are the essence of love. The best way to preserve a relationship is to reflect on and create great memories for the future. Me and Logan share a memory every single letter and they are always the bestest parts to read. **Smile**
13. I've learned patience, patience and more patience. I laugh at how I used to get mad at the poor boy for taking 5 minutes to respond to a text message, or 20 minutes to finally make it over to my house.  Those were the days. 
14.  I've learned to greatly appreciate the words of 2 Nephi 2:11.  "For it must needs be, that there is an aopposition in all things."For if it wasn't for these hard long days apart, we wouldn't find the days together nearly as special. For no happiness would be known without misery.
15. Last but not least, I've learned that it doesn't matter whether Logan is a million miles away or just up the street. It doesn't matter if I talk to him every 5 minutes or once a month. We can still have the most awesome fun, crazy, adorable, loving, amazing relationship. It's all about our attitudes. Yes this isn't ideal situation, but that doesn't mean it can't still be a wonderful time. 
As long as we have each other

Missionaries are SOOOOOOOO amazing!!!! I'm so proud that he could go and so impressed at the sacrifices that he was willing to make. Yup I have the cutest boyfriend ever!!!!! I hope to keep learning lots and lots more.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

I love unexpectedly finding old school dance photos

So I was cleaning my room and found my stash of old high school dance pictures. These are the best!

Sweater Swing 2010 
The theme was night at the movies/famous couples. 
Me and Log were Noah and Allie from the Notebook. 
He is such a sport for dressing up lol. We do look pretty cute though. 

Homecoming '08 our first dance together

 Sadie Hawkins '08 We were Sandy and Danny from Grease
It was Halloween I guess lol and Logan died his hair black lol 

Preference '08 
My cheer Squad planned this dance
We just won first at our cheer competition that day
my arms were gigantic back then from lifting in cheer lol. 

Morp '09
Lovin' the Neon. 

Prom 2010
So I did have a date, but I just found this picture. 
I love my dress in this. 

9th Grade Night Dance
The good old days of Jr. High School. Its funny that my little sister just
went to her 9th grade dance last night. It's also funny that I look the exact same
as I do now in this pic. I don't know if that's good or bad.  

Monday, 16 May 2011

My Surprise to Logan!!

So this is a picture surprise I made for Logan because he is always super nice and looks at my blog on his email time mondays. I love doing silly things like this for him. I'm a dork!

Hey Logan!! So I made this for you this morning!! I hope you like it. I am pretty silly. I also hope you like how I decked out in Auburn. Actually that's just what I was wearing this morning. I wear your clothes lots. So yeah. This is kinda silly and if I'm look cheesy its cuz I didn't know what faces to make. Oh and p.s. that red spot on my nose is marker from making the signs. also p.s. Look how TAN I look!!! that's right I win this year. Hands down!! And it's only may!

Haha Love ya Logan!!

Enjoy my present to you.

649 days to be exact. 
sorry this one is sideways

So the last two pictures... I just got bored and didn't know what else to do.

YOUR AMAZING LOGAN!!! Keep up the awesome work!

(oh and that letter I just barely got in the mail! I'm excited to read it!)

Friday, 13 May 2011

Temple Frames

So my mom is a leader of a Young Women's group at my church. She wanted to do something special for the girls in her class that incorporated their favorite temples. So she asked me to come up with a graphic design. I've done a few window things and I really love them. Here is the finished product of what I came up with. I really really love the way they turned out. I can't wait to see what the girls think of them 

Salt Lake City Utah

Manti, Utah (this one is my favorite temple)

Portland Oregon

Oakland California

Mount Timpanogos Utah

Laie Hawaii 

Nauvoo Illinois

Salt Lake City Utah

San Diego California

Nauvoo Illinois

Sunday, 8 May 2011


So today is Mother's day and I just want to say that I am very grateful for my Mom.

She takes good care of our family and raises us up real good :)

She helped support me in cheer since I was little including paying thousands and thousands of dollars and going to my games and competitions and taking me to the ER when I got injured.

She is awesome and smart and even went back to school to help our family. What an amazing Sacrifice!

She likes to go camping and hang out with me and my sisters. (emma not pictured)

She is a Breast Cancer Survivor!!! I am so so so proud of her!!! She went through the whole thing with a smile and a fun joking attitude. I hope I can be like that. 

She always made sure I was working hard at whatever I set my mind to and put me in whatever sport I wanted growing up, even if it included hours of driving and making halftime treats and attending competitions. 

Yup that is my mom. Some other great things about her are that she makes the family a home cooked dinner EVERY night!! She taught me how to make yummy cookies and to weed, even if I don't like it. She most importantly taught me how to live the gospel in my life. Thanks mom for all you do!!! LOVE YOU MOM!!!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

My "hopefully it be a happy ending" fairytale

Some people like to say that there are no such things as bad days. I say to them LIES! lol. It is scripture that there must be opposition in all things, so if there are good days there must also be bad days, no matter how optimistic you are. Well anyways today was actually a great day other than my stupid stupid car. Here is my story. The only way I could write this and make it not sound like I'm ranting off in anger, was I used my overactive disney style imagination and wrote a fairy tale about it. I guess it's my way of being optimistic.


Once upon a Saturday there was a girl who had to wake up at 6:00 to go to work. She got up on time, journeyed in her brand new royal carriage to the magical fountains of Seven peaks and the day was going great, she arrived with time to spare. After helping with paperwork, she went to train the small worker elves. The training was very fun. The employees were very funny and the girl got to teach them to make pizza, snowies and grilled cheese :) yummy. Soon the training was over and the employees left. It was lunch break for the girl. She happily took along her new work friend McKenna to McKenna's house, then to quaint little town market of Walmart for fun. After messing around it was time to go back to work. 

Upon her returning journey to the magical fountains of Seven Peaks something terrible happened. The carriage carrying the girl and her friend started rattling and and strange lights came on saying things like "check engine" and "service needed" only a few blocks from her destination, the carriage's electricity went out and all the meters stopped working. Luckily the carriages magic held up just until they arrived in the parking lot. Upon parking, she tried to make the carriage start up once more. Nothing, all it's magic was gone. The girl could do nothing then because she needed to go train more worker elves. So she called her father, the king of all lands to come and see. While working, the extremely stressed girl looked over to see a magical tow carriage pulling away her beautiful vehicle.

 She quickly finished work and got a ride to the carriage repair shop. The worker elves there told her that a magic electricity creating device called the alternator was broke and would cost her 450 gold coins. This was devastating to the girl, she had barely enough gold coins to pay for the carriage in the first place. Luckily the king helped her out and she promised to pay him back later, maybe she could get the nurse fairies to take plasma, or sell some academy textbook she didn't need. Luckily for her they had already replaced the broken piece while she was busy at work. Reluctantly she drove the carriage home. Very upset, tried to come up with solutions to pay for her new sparkly alternator. At least the carriage was fixed. 

Just then something happened. Something awful. The crazy mean lights came back on and the radio started turning off and the meters ran wild. Once again she was lucky and only a few blocks from her destination so she coasted down the hill to her castle. Once there, everything shut down all over again, and it had lost it's magic. She tried her trick of telling the carriage she believed in it's magic, but it was no use, that trick only works with fairies. 

She ran to her castle very angry and in tears and called the mean carriage repair shop full of no good carriage elves. The only problem was they were already closed. She got angry at the used carriage salesman and the repair elves, but there was nothing she could do at that moment. So she grabbed a big bowl of brownie and cookie dough ice cream and ran to her tower to cry. If only her prince Stephen wasn't off on an important knight journey, he would help her and understand. She wrapped herself in his warm blanket he left her, and wrote him a letter. This helped stop her crying. She doesn't know if her carriage will ever be ok or if she just wasted 7500 gold coins on a piece of non-magical metal sold by a mean evil carriage salesman villian. Now she can only spend her night wishing on the stars. And her and her magical carriage will hopefully live happily ever after. The End.