Saturday, 7 May 2011

My "hopefully it be a happy ending" fairytale

Some people like to say that there are no such things as bad days. I say to them LIES! lol. It is scripture that there must be opposition in all things, so if there are good days there must also be bad days, no matter how optimistic you are. Well anyways today was actually a great day other than my stupid stupid car. Here is my story. The only way I could write this and make it not sound like I'm ranting off in anger, was I used my overactive disney style imagination and wrote a fairy tale about it. I guess it's my way of being optimistic.


Once upon a Saturday there was a girl who had to wake up at 6:00 to go to work. She got up on time, journeyed in her brand new royal carriage to the magical fountains of Seven peaks and the day was going great, she arrived with time to spare. After helping with paperwork, she went to train the small worker elves. The training was very fun. The employees were very funny and the girl got to teach them to make pizza, snowies and grilled cheese :) yummy. Soon the training was over and the employees left. It was lunch break for the girl. She happily took along her new work friend McKenna to McKenna's house, then to quaint little town market of Walmart for fun. After messing around it was time to go back to work. 

Upon her returning journey to the magical fountains of Seven Peaks something terrible happened. The carriage carrying the girl and her friend started rattling and and strange lights came on saying things like "check engine" and "service needed" only a few blocks from her destination, the carriage's electricity went out and all the meters stopped working. Luckily the carriages magic held up just until they arrived in the parking lot. Upon parking, she tried to make the carriage start up once more. Nothing, all it's magic was gone. The girl could do nothing then because she needed to go train more worker elves. So she called her father, the king of all lands to come and see. While working, the extremely stressed girl looked over to see a magical tow carriage pulling away her beautiful vehicle.

 She quickly finished work and got a ride to the carriage repair shop. The worker elves there told her that a magic electricity creating device called the alternator was broke and would cost her 450 gold coins. This was devastating to the girl, she had barely enough gold coins to pay for the carriage in the first place. Luckily the king helped her out and she promised to pay him back later, maybe she could get the nurse fairies to take plasma, or sell some academy textbook she didn't need. Luckily for her they had already replaced the broken piece while she was busy at work. Reluctantly she drove the carriage home. Very upset, tried to come up with solutions to pay for her new sparkly alternator. At least the carriage was fixed. 

Just then something happened. Something awful. The crazy mean lights came back on and the radio started turning off and the meters ran wild. Once again she was lucky and only a few blocks from her destination so she coasted down the hill to her castle. Once there, everything shut down all over again, and it had lost it's magic. She tried her trick of telling the carriage she believed in it's magic, but it was no use, that trick only works with fairies. 

She ran to her castle very angry and in tears and called the mean carriage repair shop full of no good carriage elves. The only problem was they were already closed. She got angry at the used carriage salesman and the repair elves, but there was nothing she could do at that moment. So she grabbed a big bowl of brownie and cookie dough ice cream and ran to her tower to cry. If only her prince Stephen wasn't off on an important knight journey, he would help her and understand. She wrapped herself in his warm blanket he left her, and wrote him a letter. This helped stop her crying. She doesn't know if her carriage will ever be ok or if she just wasted 7500 gold coins on a piece of non-magical metal sold by a mean evil carriage salesman villian. Now she can only spend her night wishing on the stars. And her and her magical carriage will hopefully live happily ever after. The End.

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