Monday, 16 May 2011

My Surprise to Logan!!

So this is a picture surprise I made for Logan because he is always super nice and looks at my blog on his email time mondays. I love doing silly things like this for him. I'm a dork!

Hey Logan!! So I made this for you this morning!! I hope you like it. I am pretty silly. I also hope you like how I decked out in Auburn. Actually that's just what I was wearing this morning. I wear your clothes lots. So yeah. This is kinda silly and if I'm look cheesy its cuz I didn't know what faces to make. Oh and p.s. that red spot on my nose is marker from making the signs. also p.s. Look how TAN I look!!! that's right I win this year. Hands down!! And it's only may!

Haha Love ya Logan!!

Enjoy my present to you.

649 days to be exact. 
sorry this one is sideways

So the last two pictures... I just got bored and didn't know what else to do.

YOUR AMAZING LOGAN!!! Keep up the awesome work!

(oh and that letter I just barely got in the mail! I'm excited to read it!)

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  1. Here's what Logan Said about my present to him "i loved the blog! thank you so much that just made my whole day you are the best girlfriend ever i'm glad your still keeping up with how many days i have that is alot but hey that is quite a few down too gotta look at the bright side i may i just say whoa you look amazing all super tanned up and i must say wish i was there to enjoy it but oh well i'm sure you'll look even more beautiful by the time i get home and i get to keep in touch with you through letters and email's everyweek"