Wednesday, 23 November 2011

9 Months without my man

So I promised a post every three months reporting on my favorite missionary man and how the waiting is going.  Logan is doing super great. He's just working as hard as can be. Lots of the other missionaries like to call him Trunkie cuz he gets home sick a lot. So now that is his new nickname haha. He doesn't mind. I always tell him that I'm very Logan sick, so it doesn't make him feel bad.Its crazy to think that one year ago thanksgiving break, he was opening his mission call.  

Anyways so Logan has been serving near the city of Winnepeg in Manitoba for the last few months. He's been in the suburbs. Lately he's been in a dead area, so not too much work happening, but he's working hard. His companions have been really good and he seems to be liking the work. He tells me that is isn't the funnest years  of his life, that he liked being home a lot better, but he is trying his best. It's starting to get super cold where he is at, it's under ten degrees basically everyday. Luckily he's got lots of warm gear.  hopefully he'll survive the winter. 

As far as the both of us, we are doing great as a couple. I still write him every day, and he tries to write everyday, usually he only finds time to write around 3-4 days a week, but I'm totally fine with that. He is so good to me! We have a voice mail system where we send voice messages back and forth, and he is so cute, last time he had the voice chip he got up early every single morning for a whole week to record me messages. When I got it I had over 2 hours of his charming voice to listen to it was definitely the best day ever. I honestly couldn't ask for a sweeter boy, I can't even imagine ever being with anybody else, even from 1,000 miles away, he makes me so happy every day. 

I haven't gotten any new pictures for a long time so I'm really sorry. He promised me he would send a bunch for Christmas though. For Halloween I did send him a mustache in the mail haha. We are so silly. Here are those pictures of both of us with the mustache... we are so cool. 

So that is us we are really silly sometimes. I'm doing pretty good. I still am keeping my promise that I will stay true to him, and keep him as my one and only. Don't worry though, I'm not just sitting being lonely all the time. I have lots of friends and go on daily adventures haha.  I just miss him so incredibly bad. The missing never really goes away, there is always something to remind me of how much I love and miss him. I'm expecially nervous for the next three months and all the good memories they hold. Christmas, , Football Championship, New years, our 4 year anniversary, Valentines, then his 1 year mark. I may have a couple breakdowns lol. Nothing is the same without him, so these next few months will be tough to be apart, but I believe in us. 

I really do not like this nine month landmark. I always compare the mission to running a mile on a high school track, so this would mean a lap and half done, 2 and a half to go. I feel like he's been gone for a lifetime, and he's still not even half way. It's going to be a long rest of  the mission haha. I shouldn't complain though, our relationship is like a fairy tale and we are in love more than ever. I am blessed a ton to have him out serving the Lord and to have this time to better myself as well. So I'm spending all my time trying to better myself and work super hard. Plus I still have lots of fun and loving life, just not as much as i did with my bestest friend Logan.  

I hope that didn't all feel like one big ramble. So yup... There is 9 months for ya! 

When I go back to my apt. and have all his letters, I want to put a post of some of my favorite quotes from his letters.. So that will be a really fun read. stay tuned... here's a sneak peek at a few quotes from emails ☺

"ha ha no i'm not gangsta just lazy at typing lol. i wish i was gangsta maybe i could find more people"

"um ya no good stories sorry oh here's a funny one so in dand c section 132 i think verse 25 or 26 it says all you have to do is get married in the temple and not kill anyone and your saved it's greatlol you should look at it and oh in revaltion it says don't take form the word or add to it and people always say that to us and say we add to it so we read duteronmany 4 verse 2 where it says the same thing and they don't know what to say but today some guy we read that and he ripped the verse out of his bible an said it 's not in my bible it was funny very hiprcritcal he is lol "

"thanks for the idea's for christmas i know what i really want is to just run away and come home and play with you haha what would you do if i did it? what do you think everyone would say? 

i miss you lots too it's no fun being away from you i didn't dissapear forever i'm just in silly olle canada."

" i love you soo much darling ha ha your funny i'm glad you like that though. i love you bec your a very sweet girl, and your my girl so don't forget it:) kay and i'm your boy. i heard some taylor swift song in a store the other day and nearly broke down and cried it's hard for me to listen to here without thinking of you lol well i love you soo much bec"

Hope you enjoyed!!
Becca Soup ♥

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Kara and Jared Engagement Photos

My roommate asked me to do her engagements. She is Gorgeous let me tell you. I had a blast shooting their photos. Such a fun and adorable couple!!

Click on a photo to enlarge and view them in slideshow mode.


Thursday, 3 November 2011

As It Grows- My Stop Motion!

So After about 30 or so hours of working on this it's finally done!!!!

I wrote the story as a dedication to Logan. The assignment was to do a stop motion with the theme "Love Conquers All" I want this to show that I will always love him, no matter what season, and no matter how much time passes, he will always be my love and my best friend.


(I would highly recommend going to YouTube to watch it and changing the settings to 720 HD. It looks better :) if not enjoy anyways)

I love how it turned out. I wish I would have used a tripod so it didn't have the "earthquake effect" but other than that everything worked beautifully. I made all the people and props by hand and everything else was from my backyard. Thanks to Lauren for helping me with it all. I would have taken way longer without her. I hope Logan gets to see this sometime, and I hope you like the story.

Detox Reflections

Ok I got some good stuff to share from my Detox. (see my first Detox Post about a week ago)

First Off... I lost 4 Pounds!!! yay! only 8 more to go until my goal. That seems like an obtainable goal to me. My goal is to have lost it by Thanksgiving.
Second... I have lots more energy and used this detox as a jump start for a better and healthier Becca. It opened my eyes to how much difference a healthy body feels.

Basically here is how it went. From Sunday until Thursday I ate absolutely nothing but Fruits, Veggies and Complete whole grains (like oats). I was planning to go until Saturday, but halloween parties may have gotten in the way of those plans. Holidays have a special place in my heart when it comes to food, so yeah. I did moderate myself pretty well, I only had a little bit of candy and a few desserts over Halloween Weekend. That is good with me. In my opinion, cutting out sweets never works, but moderation is glorious.

Alright now for the "What I've Learned" and "Becca's Advice" Section.
My philosophy in Dieting (Lifestyle Changing... whatever) is to only do it if it is going to make you happier in the long run. If eating only Salads for the rest of your life sounds like torture, then don't do it. Find something that is reasonable but will still push you and be effective. Healthy should be happy, not miserable.

For Example, I like to use running as a reward for my body when I'm super stressed out as a stress relief. When I am stressed, Running is the greatest thing in the entire world and I LOVE it! Most of the time though, I running is cruel and unusual torture to myself.  It was always used as a punishment in my sports growing up, so it has a negative spot in my brain. If I decided to run everyday, I might do it, but I don't think I'd be happy and it would be more of a chore than a stress relief
... However, I LOVE doing hip hop dance and team sports any day, any time, just throw me some moves!! So that is how I work out. I do things that will make me happy. Don't feel pressure to run just because that's what is "the norm" for a cardio workout and everyone tells you its the only way to lose weight. NEWS FLASH...It's not! There are hundreds to choose from so find your niche, mix it up, and make it fun. Like I spent all Halloween rocking the Wii game "Just Dance" That's cardio and fun!

Also when it comes to food, It's not practical to sit and eat veggies every day, every meal. There is great food in the world and great food should be shared. Just know limits and moderation in all things and follow the advice of your happy little "My Fitness Pal App!!" *This is my product endorsement right here.* This is the smartest tool in the entire planet for being healthy. Download it!! It's free on Android and iPhone and if you don't have one of those... use the website (also free.) So you have no excuses now muwahaha.

Ok well Basically the Detox was good. I didn't mind eating fruits and veggies I actually enjoyed it for a week. Especially because I bought a whole bunch of Pomegranates and Green Peppers! YUM! I learned that healthy foods are just as tasty as unhealthy foods :)

Now I'm working toward the rest of my 8 pounds by spending time at the gym more, I joined a volley ball team and just being smart when I shop for groceries, implementing more natural foods into my diet and less junk, plus drinking lots of water. I added more whole grains back in and also healthy proteins (salmon, tuna and eggs)

Life is Precious
So Enjoy!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Wonka Exceptionals Chocolate Ad Campaign

Here's my Latest Ad Campaign I made. We got to choose any brand and I chose Wonka Chocolates because I love them and they are yummy and also Wonka Brand is super fun and imaginative...kinda like me, so it fit.

I hope you Enjoy :)

 There is also an out of home ad I came up with where there would be a traveling circus that would go around to various cities and put on a "giant Flea Circus" type of idea with a ring master announcing invisible tricks. There would be lots of Fun Wonka Games and of course... Lots of chocolate and fun displays.