Thursday, 3 November 2011

Detox Reflections

Ok I got some good stuff to share from my Detox. (see my first Detox Post about a week ago)

First Off... I lost 4 Pounds!!! yay! only 8 more to go until my goal. That seems like an obtainable goal to me. My goal is to have lost it by Thanksgiving.
Second... I have lots more energy and used this detox as a jump start for a better and healthier Becca. It opened my eyes to how much difference a healthy body feels.

Basically here is how it went. From Sunday until Thursday I ate absolutely nothing but Fruits, Veggies and Complete whole grains (like oats). I was planning to go until Saturday, but halloween parties may have gotten in the way of those plans. Holidays have a special place in my heart when it comes to food, so yeah. I did moderate myself pretty well, I only had a little bit of candy and a few desserts over Halloween Weekend. That is good with me. In my opinion, cutting out sweets never works, but moderation is glorious.

Alright now for the "What I've Learned" and "Becca's Advice" Section.
My philosophy in Dieting (Lifestyle Changing... whatever) is to only do it if it is going to make you happier in the long run. If eating only Salads for the rest of your life sounds like torture, then don't do it. Find something that is reasonable but will still push you and be effective. Healthy should be happy, not miserable.

For Example, I like to use running as a reward for my body when I'm super stressed out as a stress relief. When I am stressed, Running is the greatest thing in the entire world and I LOVE it! Most of the time though, I running is cruel and unusual torture to myself.  It was always used as a punishment in my sports growing up, so it has a negative spot in my brain. If I decided to run everyday, I might do it, but I don't think I'd be happy and it would be more of a chore than a stress relief
... However, I LOVE doing hip hop dance and team sports any day, any time, just throw me some moves!! So that is how I work out. I do things that will make me happy. Don't feel pressure to run just because that's what is "the norm" for a cardio workout and everyone tells you its the only way to lose weight. NEWS FLASH...It's not! There are hundreds to choose from so find your niche, mix it up, and make it fun. Like I spent all Halloween rocking the Wii game "Just Dance" That's cardio and fun!

Also when it comes to food, It's not practical to sit and eat veggies every day, every meal. There is great food in the world and great food should be shared. Just know limits and moderation in all things and follow the advice of your happy little "My Fitness Pal App!!" *This is my product endorsement right here.* This is the smartest tool in the entire planet for being healthy. Download it!! It's free on Android and iPhone and if you don't have one of those... use the website (also free.) So you have no excuses now muwahaha.

Ok well Basically the Detox was good. I didn't mind eating fruits and veggies I actually enjoyed it for a week. Especially because I bought a whole bunch of Pomegranates and Green Peppers! YUM! I learned that healthy foods are just as tasty as unhealthy foods :)

Now I'm working toward the rest of my 8 pounds by spending time at the gym more, I joined a volley ball team and just being smart when I shop for groceries, implementing more natural foods into my diet and less junk, plus drinking lots of water. I added more whole grains back in and also healthy proteins (salmon, tuna and eggs)

Life is Precious
So Enjoy!

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  1. I wish I had your will power. Maybe your healthy eating will rub off on Logan and me. Good for you. Keep up the good work. Healthy and feeling good is a great goal along with the added benefit of staying in shape. Send me some will power- I have 25 to lose. LOL!