Saturday, 21 May 2011

I love unexpectedly finding old school dance photos

So I was cleaning my room and found my stash of old high school dance pictures. These are the best!

Sweater Swing 2010 
The theme was night at the movies/famous couples. 
Me and Log were Noah and Allie from the Notebook. 
He is such a sport for dressing up lol. We do look pretty cute though. 

Homecoming '08 our first dance together

 Sadie Hawkins '08 We were Sandy and Danny from Grease
It was Halloween I guess lol and Logan died his hair black lol 

Preference '08 
My cheer Squad planned this dance
We just won first at our cheer competition that day
my arms were gigantic back then from lifting in cheer lol. 

Morp '09
Lovin' the Neon. 

Prom 2010
So I did have a date, but I just found this picture. 
I love my dress in this. 

9th Grade Night Dance
The good old days of Jr. High School. Its funny that my little sister just
went to her 9th grade dance last night. It's also funny that I look the exact same
as I do now in this pic. I don't know if that's good or bad.  

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