Tuesday, 10 April 2012


I found some really fascinating videos on the effects media has on young girls. It makes me SO frustrated. If during my life, I could change one thing, I want to show people that they are worth so much. 

In D&C 18:10 we read, "Remember the Worth of Souls is great in the sight of god" 

Girls: Your soul is the most beautiful part of you, Don't tarnish your soul by letting what everyone else thinks rule your self-worth. You are important.
Boys: I wish boys would stop reiterating and repeating everything we hear from the media. As a girl, I already hear a thousand times a day that I need to be skinny and beautiful from media, magazines, and the mirror. The last thing girls need is for the men in their life to only care about phisical appearances.

Yup... These videos basically say everything else that should be said :) 

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