Monday, 26 September 2011

Creating Creations...

So lately my Photoshop has been put to work with all my new classes and assignments, along with my boredom and desire to create stuff. :) So here's what I've been up to lately...

Here's some of my work from the last month :) 
Enjoy this gigantic helping of Becca SOup! 

First: This is a 5 piece Photography Series that I did. I wanted to really capture elements of the old world slowly fading away into our new world. (if you want to enlarge pictures just click on them.) 

Second: Here is a Logo I created for my mom's Wedding Flower Business. 
These Next two are Ads I made for Wite Out. They are both magazine ads. The second one is a blank page with a bottle of wite out as if the whole advertisement had been "Wited Out. "

This one is an Ad I made for a jeweler. The assignment was to find a terrible ad in a Magazine and made it better. I wish I had the original "bad ad" to show you the improvements. 

These next three Advertisements are for an Eating Disorder Awareness Campaign. These are some of my most favorite work. I love how they turned out and I think they get the message across. 

So I've kinda had this Pinterest Addiction lately... One of my most favoritest things to pin is quotes. Except I get tired of everybody posting the same quotes over and over and I also get sick of really great quotes with really terrible graphic design. So in my free time, I find quotes that I like and graphic design them and then pin them to my boards. It makes me feel super happy when they get repinned too :)

This Justin Bieber song is ALWAYS stuck in my head. I had to make a poster from it.

This one is actually some of the lyrics from a song that I wrote for Logan.

Taylor Swift Lyrics..

Welll that's all!!! Much love ♥

Becca Soup. 

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