Sunday, 4 September 2011

6 Months down the road

So I decided that I'll do a post every three months on how Logan is doing and how the missionary waiting is going. So here is six months...and what a LONG six months it has been...

the Logan Report
The past three months have been crazy. Logan has stayed in the Regina, Saskatchewan YSA ward for the whole first 6 months. Just this week he was transferred into the Winnepeg area. He's had a rough last companion and is VERY grateful to finally have gotten a new comp. and a new area. I'm a little worried about that new companion though, I guess he is a football fan just like Logan, and who knows if they'll actually get work done while it's football season... I'm just kidding. I'm sure they'll be awesome.

He has been quite the amazing missionary so far. He's had somewhere around 6 baptisms so far. That is amazing to me. here are a few pictures...

 Man.... What a hunk!! He needs to wear sweater vests more often! 
 I think this is Damon' baptism. Damon has been their strongest convert yet. 
 This is his most recent. His name is Kuame. From the stories Logan has told, he seems like such an awesome guy and so humble and willing to be taught. Also notice Elder VanKomen next to Logan. I'm pretty sure Logan was at least a whole foot shorter than him. 
 I just can't believe what a cutie he is. I just miss him oh so much. Look at those gorgeous eyes! and his charming smile! I have an attractive man...yup, yup. 

the 2 year emotional roller coaster.
How I'm doing...
Anyways, the past three months have been easier to cope with for me. I feel like at first it was like jumping into a freezing cold lake. It took my breath away, sent me into panic mode and I was definitely into shock for a while there, miserable shock. Now I've gotten used to the water and am realizing that it really isn't so bad. Still...I absolutely would rather be on the warm beach rather than in this cold water, but at least it's bearable for now

I'm doing good though. Working around 10 hours a day this summer kept me distracted from getting too sad. The past week going back to school scared me lots. I felt so alone for the first time since he left. I honestly don't know anyone this semester. Luckily I have awesome roommates and Logan's amazing mom was in town and that sure made the week a little easier on me. 

The one thing that really changed my perspective on wishing Logan was home is that one day I was driving home and wishing Logan was beside me in the car. We practically lived in his car and some of the best moments were just driving and singing to the radio. Anyways i got thinking and came upon the realization that if Logan was here we would probably just be doing the same stuff as always. Then I thought of the people who's lives Logan has been able to touch and change. I realized that I am willing to sacrifice being able to see Log every day and have our fun, silly, romantic, life in order to bring the gospel to those people. That just opened my eyes. Since that moment I stopped being selfish and wishing him home, and started making these years of my life just as worthwhile as these years in his. 

Now for a Soap Box Moment!... 

People keep asking me that since I'm back at BYU if I will start dating again or finding new boys. My response... "HECK NO!" do you see that sweetheart in those pictures up there? I have no reason to date anyone else. I already have the most gentle loving sweetest boy. He's been my best friend for so long, and I can't picture my future with anybody else. I love him with all my heart. And that's my status. 

Here's something else people ask me lots that drives me crazy, "Well how do you know for sure if you've never been with anybody else? You should just date people Becca!" Well here is my response to that one... I go to a school where people fall in love and are married within a matter of months. Within a couple weeks they claim that the person is "the one." If you believe that you can know after a few weeks, Why can you not believe that after 3 inseparable years with someone, that I should be able to judge for myself if I want to marry him? Plus I care about him way way too much to ruin our trust by pleasing a couple of marriage hungry boys by going on a date with them. that I'm off my soap box lol. 

Here is how we are doing as a couple  : 

Logan and I are still very much a part of each other's lives. That is what I love the most. He writes me once a week and emails every monday (he's never missed once ♥) and I write him a letter every day and send all seven at the end of each week. In addition to that, there is something else. I can't explain it, but it's like we're connected somehow. He says that he feels it all the time too. Maybe it's angels watching over us, or maybe it's just that we've been such close best friends for so long. I really can't explain it other than that I can feel his love so strongly in each day of my life, somehow he is here with me, and somehow I am out in Canada with him. We're definitely in this together.

This is from the date where we very first fell in love over 3 years ago at Lagoon Amusement Park. I can't believe it's been so long.  photobooth pics have been a tradition ever since. 

Well there you go. I won't bore you any more with my stories although I could tell them all day long. As far as wedding plans go... well that's still at least 20 months or so away, so naturally I have the entire thing plannned. lol. Just ask and I can tell you all about it, I even have a whole portfolio of pictures. I'm kind of a dork. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this!! 

I'm glad some people care, or are at least curious..

I love you all!!

- Becca Soup. 

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  1. Thanks for hanging out with us. We had so much fun. I will see you again in November when I come back out!