Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Getting Crafty with the Casts

So for the last few days being on bedrest has gotten me so bored and I needed something to do, so I decided to join the DIY Nation! . Plus, yesterday I got to get my bandages changed from surgery and the took away my pink bandages and gave me ugly brown ones and that is just no good for Becca

Between the boredom and the ugliness, something had to give. So I made cover-ups ;)

1. First, I found some old fabric and cut it into a long strip about as wide as an ace bandage. I wrapped that around my bandages so they were completely covered.

2. I found some lace ribbon and wrapped it around the same way.

3. At the ends of the fabric and ribbon I sewed some old buttons on to keep them from falling off, plus it added a cute touch. I put a couple extra buttons on in places I liked and TA-Da!!! easy as that. Now I have cute casts for the time being. Much better :)

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