Monday, 1 August 2011

Change of Heart...

Haha this is new...posting two days in a row.

Anyway the reason for this post is because I feel like I need to be a better person in my life, so I'm deciding to change and writing this down will hold me accountable, and anybody who reads this can too.

I love lists and here are just a few things I think I want to improve on in the next little bit...

1. I'm really sorry for being selfish. There are people in the world who I've most likely neglected because I get wrapped up in my own world instead of taking care of my friends and family that I care about.

2. I need to be more open. This one is going to be tough because I'm really a shy person, but I want to meet people and learn from them and grow, so I guess I'll have to try.

3. I want to immerse my life with charity. This goes along with number one I guess. I am so so so SO blessed to live in this world and to have the things that I have, there is always something to share with less fortunate.

4. I spend all my free time practicing and developing talents, yet not once in the last few years have I shared any of them (beside a few blog post with design works.) I bet very few of my friends know that I paint, and play the guitar and write songs and poetry. It's time  come out of the box. Who knows maybe I'll inspire someone (most likely not though lol)

5. I want to be a better listener and more importantly a better friend. Sorry to the freinds I've let down in the past.

6. I hope to fill my life with the gospel, and read my scriptures and learn them front and back. Maybe then I can spread the gospel and bring joy to people.

7. I need to smile more and keep my head up. This one comes directly out of almost every letter that Logan writes to me. He really does care about me and wants me to act happier, and so I'm following his wishes.

8. Stop being so fearful of the future. The future will comes when it comes, and if I'm always reaching toward my goal, it will hopefully be a bright and beautiful future. As for now... I want to be someone who doesn't just wait for storms to pass, but one who runs out and dances in the rain.

9.There is nothing greater in this life than our families. I want to work on strengthening my relationship and my love for both my present family and working so I can have that with my future family.

10. Lastly, I want to live life to the fullest, with a brightness of hope and the Light of Christ streaming through my veins and shining from my eyes. Nothing else will be more rewarding.

Well I hope to fulfill these goals in the next little bit of time and always remember who I am and always be trying to improve. The inspiration for this change was actually something that Logan sent me in the mail. I've kept it with me where ever I go, and recently taped it into the front of my Preach My Gospel Manual that I've been reading. It's nothing profound, but it is a simple example to me of how great my best friend is and how strengthening the power of Christ in our life is.This program is one of my most precious possessions, and an example to all.

It was a program from a man named Nick Zhang's baptism. Logan wrote that he would have never gone on a mission without my inspiration, and this guy may have never received the gospel. Logan even picked my favorite song to sing as the opening hymn. I can't believe he would do that for me. He could't be sweeter.

I think Logan would have gone on a mission anyways, that's not the point, he's an amazing young man. but I think it made me realize that I can make an impact on lives around me, we both can, and I want to be a good impact, like the kind of impact that Logan is on people. So that is why I am making this change.

(I hope that all made sense. I'm not so good with the words.)


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