Sunday, 31 July 2011

Summer Updates from the Becca Soup.

We're 2/3rds of the way done with summer, and I realized that I haven't blogged at all really except picture posts. So I decided to make an update to that. Here is life....

The reason I've been a little MIA this summer is cuz I've been working between 50-60 hours a week as a supervisor at the local waterpark. It is such a fun job. (haha well most the time) I work over kids from the ages of 14-17 usually. They are entertaining, but it is almost like babysitting sometimes haha. Anyways, I have a blast. The work comes with lots of perks too... We get free season passes, have like 2-3 employee parties a month where we draw for prizes. Last time I won a super cool scooter bike!! and another time I won this really nice genuine NFL football.  Also we get 30% percent off everything that is sold in the park. Well working at a place like this has taught me a few things that I would like to share.

  1. Often times I think people forget that employees are people too. The way that some guests treat these 14,15 year old kids makes me so sick. If I had one wish, I would wish for everyone to see everybody for the beautiful people they are inside instead of yelling carelessly at kids who are trying their best.
  2. Dads are the greatest thing in the whole world!! Whenever I'm at the waterpark and see a dad by himself with a bunch of little kids trying his hardest to make their day special, my heart just melts. The best is I saw a dad carrying a car seat, a lawn chair, a diaper bag AND a little pink towel bag walking his three little girls back to their minivan at the end of the day. He looked around at his tired little girls and just smiled this great big smile. I wanted to cry, it was the most precious thing I've ever seen. 
  3.  I love when little kids order at the food stands. You hear this little voice and they are too short, so all you can see is two little hands on the counter and a couple dollars pop over it. SO cute!!
  4.  Last but not least...Attitude is EVERYTHING! I feel like my job could either be great or terrible. But since there is no more room for hard things in my little heart, I have to choose happiness to get through the day. After a while it really does become the funnest job. Also I see this in our guests. There are the moms who you can tell are dreading the day at the waterpark because of all the hassle and struggles it takes to keep everyone happy and prepare...they are SO grouchy and just yell at their kids all day and it makes me sad. And then there are people like that dad I saw in #2. These are going to be your kids memories someday... cherish them. 

Ok so other than the water park, I turned 19 on July 20th!! For my birthday I got off work early and suprised my family by taking them all out to Cold Stone and Harry Potter 7. haha I know that your supposed to get gifts on your birthday instead of give them, but I like giving more and that's what I wanted to do. My family made me this amazing salmon dinner and we had Ice cream cake. YUM!!  Man I have one year left until I'm out of the teen years. 20 seems so old haha. Although I'm kinda excited to be twenty just because twenty is how old I'll be when Logan gets home.

Speaking of Logan, He has been good. He's had a rough last companion, but he's still in the same area he started in. He's on his sixth month out now. I'm suprised that it's already six months, only because I thought this day would never come because time seems to move so slow (if that makes sense). He still writes me twice a week usually and sends them once a week. I still write him every single day and I love it. We also email once a week too. So I guess we are definitely still together and planning on keeping it that way forever.

Yup. Sorry I get so romantic and talk about Log so much. My mom always makes fun of my blog for that. So sorry if you get sick of it. That's becca for ya. So yup. There is my update. I'll try and blog about more interesting things as soon as  I have a moment free from work. Much love to all my readers!! - Becca

Oh haha... this is my cool scooter bike I won at the Employee party!! it's funny.

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  1. Love the bike and love your observations and attitude!