Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My Disney Drawings :)

Ok ok...so I admit it. I like to draw pictures on disney.com. It's called Disney Create and you go and draw digital paintings and people give you stars and they can favorite you as an artist, or favorite your drawings. Well I have around 350 fans now and lots and lots of favorites and comments, so I figured, if the little children who play on disney like my drawings...they may be blog worthy. Don't make fun of me lol. and remember that I did this all with a touch pad mouse on my laptop. No tablet or nothing. So sorry if the art is a little sloppy or bad.

People are always telling me I should share and show everyone my digital art. So finally here is all my artwork. I guess this is what I do when I'm feeling sad and need something to cheer me up. I hope you enjoy. 

We'll go from oldest to newest I guess.... (click on the picture to make it full size and really big. 

This was my very first one lol. I was just messing around. It does look kinda cool though.
Mickey Mouse
 This is a bird that I made. Her name is Fruity Sky because She is SO colorful
Fruity Sky
 I LOVE Disney World!! So I made this picture because I think the castle there is super pretty
Cinderella's Castle

I think I made this around Valentines day :) Always got to love Minnie and Mickey 
Minnie and Mickey Mouse

This was an attempt at Belle's Castle. It didn't turn out too well. I was still learning all the tools. 
Belle and her Castle

This one I like a ton. It's from Harry Potter, which is the best!
Hogwarts School at Night

This one was fun to do because I especially loved this part of Rapunzel. It was so cute I got a few art responses by little kids of cute little versions of the picture. This one has the most views out of all of my pictures for some reason. 
Rapunzel Sees the Lights 

 I made this picture when I finally reached 100 fans. I was so so excited!
I reached 100 Fans!! Thank You!!!

 Little baby from the movie Tangled. The crown is my favorite part :) 
Baby Rapunzel

 So somebody requested that I draw a person playing a trumpet. I'm not very good at drawing people, so I made it fun by drawing him in the heart of Disney Land. You can see Pirates of the Caribbean in the background and if you look hard enough there are hidden mickeys in this picture just like Disney Land
Trumpeter at New Orleans Square

This is from the movie Anastasia. There was supposed to be more but I got tired of drawing.  It's one of my favorite movies. I even named my dog Dimitri after this movie 
Once Upon a December

 Somebody requested that I draw pascal for them. I love this part of the movie because I think it's hilarious. So this was the moment I decided to draw him in. 
Hide and Seek Pascal

 I love classic vintage mickey so so much that I just had to draw a picture of him and Minnie.  :) 
At the Ice Cream Parlor

 After I drew classic Mickey people kept requesting Donald and Daisy. This one reminds me of a certain person I used to spend my summers with.
Daisy and Donald at the Beach

 Ok so this is my FAVORITE EVER!!!!! This drawing took me forever. I am in love with castles and always wanted to do sleeping beauty's and I wanted to really put my digital painting skills to the test. yup. so I drew tons of details and tried to make it as realistic as possible. I think it turned out pretty good. 
Sleeping Beauty's Castle
 Somebody requested I draw Tinkerbell...so here is what I drew
Pixie Hollow Tinkerbell

This is another request. It's based on the house by Frank Lloyd Wright
Falling Water

This is my latest picture. All the artists have mascots so I decided to make my mascot based off what I would want to look like and be like as a Disney Princess.
Princess Rebecca--my new Mascot!

The End. man...that was embarassing. Now you know what I do with my free time. If you actually think this is cool and want to see my page with all my comments lol  just go to Disney Create and search my screen name. It's paintprincess129.
Yup The ENd.. :) 

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