Sunday, 17 July 2011

Trials- Lightening the Load

Sometimes I get bored in church and draw illustrations of what the speaking topic in Sacrament Meeting is.

Today's topic...

So I don't know much about trials, but I do know from recent happenstances in my life that being sad and angry about them will just make it harder and adds more of those painful heavy blocks to a soul. You have to find Love and Happiness and Fun to help even out the weight. And most the time you can't do it alone... I think you get the big cart of hearts from friends and family who love and care for you and from Heavenly Father. But you do have to accept the hearts and put them on your teeter totter of happiness for them to work. 

I find if there is too much sadness weighing down my heart from the trials of life... then a big cart of hearts is the perfect medicine.  and I LOVE giving away hearts. so if you need a few call me up ♥ ♥

Yup. There's what got from church. The parable of the sad/happy teeter totter ☺

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