Monday, 25 July 2011

19th Birthday and some Work Pictures!!

I had a marvelous birthday with marvelous cake. The shirt I'm wearing is what Logan sent me in my birthday package! I LOVE it! he is SO sweet. Yup.
Work is great...except I look like a man in most of the pictures. haha. I guess when you work 10 hours a day in the hot hot sun...that's what ya get. Once again sorry for the sideways-ness. I will figure it out soon

yay sparklers !! See that stuff in my left hand... yup those are my letters to Logan.

My Desk!! I'm a big deal lol. Just Kidding.... but it really is my desk, the Rockstar isn't mine though don't worry. And Yes. I don look nasty lol.
My friends Holly and Connie. this is called we are very hyper and tired because it is the pool party shift which means it is around midnight and we have all been at work much too long lol.
A Mini Cake that Kinzy got me for my birthday :)

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