Monday, 15 August 2011

Medical Adventures

So today was a little crazy and a bit scary as far as my health goes... Here's the story...

 Short Version:  ER at 3 in the morning because my cornea is being eaten away from lack of oxygen, then go to work like crazy, get phone call from doctor about having an appointmment to set up surgery, I'm thinking said surgery won't be until October, doctor tells me that he will be cutting apart and rearranging my bones in 3 days! AHHHH!!  

Long version:   Well my eye had been bugging me all Sunday, and by night fall, it was getting swollen and watery. I figured it was just my contact, so I took it out and went to bed. I couldn't sleep at all! every time I moved my eyes or anything I felt like there was a little person in my eye socket trying to pop my eye open. When I looked into light it was like pouring acid into the inside of my eye. After hours of trying to convice myself that it was nothing and still burning with pain, I decided that it really was something. I looked in the mirror and my eye was GIGANTIC! So I asked to be taken to the ER. The doctor looked in my eyeball and saw all these dots where my cornea had been disintegrated, almost like somebody had taken a sheet of sand paper to my eye. It could have been my contacts not letting through oxygen into my eyes. My doctor said it should only take around two days to heal. That was lucky, I was really scared I was going blind. Anyways two hours and some eye drops later, I was finally done, only to realize work was in an hour and I hadn't slept a wink all night. 

I go to work in my hospital bracelet and all and recieve a phone call. It is my podiatrist telling me that they had an appointment that I could come into that day because of a cancellation. I was so thrilled because I have these terrible bunions (most ugliest name in the world btw) that are always hurting me. I couldn't wait to finally get in to see the doctor to set up surgery for sometime soon. So I get off work early and off to another doctor I go. I'm thinking, "I hope I can get this in the next few months before the ice comes, because I don't want to deal with crutches and wheelchairs in the snow."

 I was hoping he had an appointment as early as September or October. I get X-rays and sure enough I definitely need surgery. He explains to me the procedure and all that it entails. I nod my head. He asks what my time frame is, I told him that as soon as I can get in...hopefully before there's snow on the ground. His reply... "Great, well I think we'll have the surgery this Friday, does that sound ok to you? That way, you'll have a whole week without school to recover a bit" 

My expression must have been priceless. My eyes got so wide and my mouth hung open to the floor, then I just laughed because I honestly thought he was joking. When he looked at me seriously I didn't know what to say except "ok." So there you go... I'm going into surgery friday and I'm very very nervous. Here's what will be done...

First.. they will shave off the part of my bone that sticks out the most. The top part of my Big Toe Metatarsal bone will be completely sliced off. Then it will be placed back on the bone but moved over a few degrees so it no longer sticks out so much. THEN they will place a long screw through the new puzzle pieced bones to hold them together. There is also a bone spur that is on one of my feet that he will just chop off while he's at it. Then they sew me back up and do the exact same procedure on my other foot! Maybe it's just me, but this sounds a bit like an insanely morbid horror movie. My doctor put it in much nicer terms than I did, but still....

Anyways, after the surgery here is how my recovery will go... One full week in a wheelchair, then another couple weeks on crutches, then a week on walking boots (haha 2 walking boots?! I am going to look like a duck waddling around lol. It will be great.) then I should be able to go back to sneakers. After about a month, I should be back to walking like a normal human being. He promises this will make life much less painful in the long run. I am excited for that part. I may actually be able to wear high heels and not die. So yeah. There is my story in case you were wondering. 

I'm taking volunteers to help me move back into my third floor apartment next week, since it seems I will be a gimp. Also if you don't want to move all my junk (I don't blame you) visitors are always welcome, especially if you like lounging around watching Friends, or Romantic Movies. :) 

This will definitely be an adventure! I am going to find some ways to make this exciting and fun! Even if it is making my mom record me while I'm on narcotics and watching the tapes later lol or trying to learn tricks on a wheel chair. This will be great. I only wish Logan knew this was all going on so he could send me good loving vibes and prayers from Canada. I guess he'll be in a shock next Monday when I tell him. He knows absolutely nothing. 

Well there you go. Now you know about my new cool medical procedures. Just another few to add to my collection :) 

- Becca Soup 

Here's some pics to show you an idea of what it will be like..

First: Here is a Before and After shot of a surgery very similar to mine....

and Second!!! Look! DUckie Feet!! told you I'll look like a duck. haha. This will be me in a few days. haha.

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