Saturday, 20 August 2011

Day after Surgery

So my surgery went really well yesterday. My bones are all put in the right place and yup. To do the surgery they put all this numbing stuff in my feet (like an epidural or at the dentist) and I still can't feel my feet a day later. Man! they must have packed that stuff in! So I'm not in any pain. Just a little loopy from pain meds and super bored. Plus my feet feel like they've fallen asleep and I can't get them back.

Here's some pictures from the hospital. It was super funny cuz I was the only one having surgery that day in the hospital I went to. It's like I had the whole place all to myself. empty and kinda wierd.

Haha so I don't remember these pictures being taken at all. My mom said I was super super funny though like all I wanted was for her to take pictures and that I was so so so hyper. They couldn't get me to stop excitedly rambling on like a little kid. (i look kinda awful in these by the way.)

 She also said that I wouldn't stop talking about how cool my shoes were because they were so pretty and pink and not gigantic like some that I've seen. Man I wish I could have seen myself.
 Another funny thing is that when I finally came back to my senses, they had brought me all this apple juice. I vaguely remember being so happy about it and kept asking the nurse to bring more in. I don't even really like apple juice! idk. So I guess those are the stories of me coming out of anesthesia. All the nurses were certainly entertained.

Since then I've just been at home in bed, finding ways to entertain myself. I wish my house was more open because then I could play on my wheelchair. It just so happens that my house is the most terrible house for a wheelchair on the planet. I can't go anywhere.

Here's a picture I drew yesterday while I was bored on my thing. It is a request from a girl named Narnia-Lover who wanted me to create a princess just for her. I love the way it turned out, it looks way better than I thought it would. I hope it makes her happy :)  I had another request to draw rapunzel's tower from tangled, so I guess that's what I'll be working on today! Exciting stuff.

Also a big thanks to Sarah Orgill, who brought me treats and a coloring book late last night!! It made my day!  You're so sweet! I love it when visitors come! It makes me feel like I have friends lol.

Plus I got a letter from my Logan this morning, who stll has no idea about the surgery :( but that sure made me happy anyways. He's always there just when I need him..

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