Sunday, 14 August 2011

A few picture updates - Requested by Logan.

Alright so Logan asked a few questions and wanted me to post some pictures.
 And in case that you aren't Logan, feel free to read and enjoy. The reason I post these on my blog is because my email does wierd things when I try to put pictures into my emails. I guess this can be an update to all my blog readers too!! As you are!

First of all... the answer is YES! I do still keep your calendar. Here it is! Look how far you've come! Your on day 171, which means only 559 days left! In only 8 days I can move from the red part of the Canadian flag colors to the white part! YAY! I made the lines for the colors to be at six months. So in a year I'll be back in the red for the last six months. Idk this thing make me happy. I make sure that each day when I mark off the day to make a little promise to myself that I will wait for you that day. Just taking it one day at a time. 

Ok... so this is to show you two things. A) some of the weight that I've lost. idk, it's not a huge difference, but I'm getting there. and b) how long and blonde my hair is getting! it's only a few inches shorter than my extensions I sometimes wear. haha you like my skirt?? I've had it since the beginning of 8th grade lol.

So the next three pictures are of my box of letters that I keep. There is around 24 letters, you've never missed a week! Some are kinda hidden in the bottom so you can't see them. Haha I got a little carried away with these pictures because I just love the garden I have outside of my window and my lace curtains, it just looked so pretty I couldn't resist.

 Oh... here's the ring you sent me!!!!! Like it? lol I love it your so cute and kinda funny too.
 Here is me. Yeah... don't ask why my head is tilted like that. I have no clue. But you can see how skinny my legs have gotten. Those are my new jeans that I love!

Yeah. and here is the picture of you that I love and use for the wallpaper on my computer. It always making me happy.

So yup there ya go! as for the wedding plan pictures you asked for... well I'll send those in the mail. I don't feel like giving away all my secret amazing plans away to all my blog readers and the public quite yet lol.

Well there ya go!
Love ya log.

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