Wednesday, 9 March 2011

You know those days....

You know those days when you really need a friend?? Today could be one of those days. I feel sicker than I have ever felt and found out that I probably have Mono. I was up all night in pain and sleep all through the day. 

It's rough without a best friend to call in the middle of the night or to come see you and bring you chocolates and make the whole day better and give you a giant hug and make the problems melt away. 

Well I guess life isn't always the best. All I can do is smile, and remember that there will always be that someone thinking about me. Something that always makes me feel better is thinking about the days not to long ago.

Here is a song that I wrote for Logan a couple months ago, probably around Christmas time. Take a look. It makes those days much better.

Safe Hands.
by Becca Campbell

You smile when you look at me
You bring me chocolates when I'm sad
You love to bug me all the time 
And it always makes me mad

I just love your family
they make me feel at home 
You hold my hand in movies
Make sure I never walk alone.


Basically your amazing
You've got the sweetest heart
One day I just got lucky 
When you stumbled in my path
Who knows why your so in love with me
I pray every day it lasts
You'll have my heart forever
I know it's in safe hands.

I know your always thinking of me
You tell me almost every day
You'll ditch your friends to just come over
And make sure that I feel OK. 

You've sat through all my chick flix
You've bought me dinner many times
You make sure that I get the best
And forgive me after every fight. 

Repeat Chorus


You smile with me, 
You fight with me
Then you hold me close
I play with you
Run away from you
But you always catch me
Because I'm slow. 

Repeat Chorus.

I hope you like it. I absolutely love writing songs. They make the days where life kinda is terrible feel just a little better. 



  1. becca! I will come help you! let me know if you need anything. xoxo

  2. Aw Brooke your the best! I will let you know. Thanks!