Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Reasons Why I'm Waiting...

Many people in this world (maybe 2-3) Are wondering if I am waiting for Logan on his mission. Of all those people I am guessing about 0% will actually read this post. So I will post it anyways :) (Disclaimer: if you don't enjoy love stories or cute things and will make fun of this...(mom) then this is your warning)

The answer is an enduring yes I am. I am glad my curious fans still don't know that now.

Well he just so happened to get down on one knee about two months before he left and asked me to be with him forever. (really cute!!) Then even cuter was that he bought me a ring. An amazing beautiful ring (see below for picture). I promised that I would be with him forever and I would be there when he gets home. I also promised to treat the ring as if we were engaged and he promised me a diamond when he returns to the United States. He is such a sweetheart.  I miss him a lot. I love him very much and write him all the time.

Well anyways, today I made a list of all the reasons that I have to wait for him. I sent it to him in a letter and I thought it would be a fun thing to share. So here it is, some are serious and some are silly. Read and enjoy!. It's written as if I were saying it to Logan so yeah...

 All the reasons I should wait for you.

  1. I really really really love you with all my heart (this is the best reason)
  2. You give the best hugs in the world
  3. No other boys can be trusted (I think you've brainwashed me good on that one.)
  4. Your family is the best ever and they are depending on me, they already think I'm part of the fam.
  5. Um... you took me to Disney world. If any other boy wanted to even come close, they would have to at least do that :)
  6. You know too much about me and I'm very afraid of black mail lol
  7. I couldn't stand to see you with anybody else.
  8. I really really love you.
  9. I have to pay you back somehow for all the money you and your family spend on me. I am in serious debt lol.
  10. I'm afraid Caleb will find me with his taser if I don't... and maybe a sniper too.
  11. I already know we can make it through fights and hard times in our lives, you've helped me through it all. 
  12. I think your mom has already started planning the wedding
  13. Because Auburn won the national championship and I got to witness it with you first hand!
  14. My little sisters need somebody to tease and beat up  
  15. You gave me like half of your stuff to watch until you get back, I can't just steal it all.
  16. I owe Heavenly Father two years without dating since I started dating at fourteen when I wasn't supposed to
  17. Rylie is counting on us
  18. If I dated anyone else my brother couldn't scare them to death until he got home. Anyone I date needs to feel threatened by my brother first. 
  19. There are girls who want to wait for their missionary one day looking to me as an example, (I know because I used to do that)
  20. I don't want to spend the rest of my life wondering what would have been
  21. The only reason you went on your mission is because you knew I would wait for you.
  22. I really love you so so so much
  23. I made a promise and you gave me a ring. (If I can't keep that promise how am I supposed to ever keep a marital vow)

Well If anybody has anymore great reasons to add to the list feel free to share. And in case your wondering I would still wait for him even if we only had reason number one. The others just make it easier. 

p.s. Here are pictures of the ring he gave me.... 

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  1. Hi Becca! I read your post. It was very cute! We do love you! We feel like you are part of our family! I am glad you feel the same.